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Jan 7, 2014

Delighted Earth

As Snow does to fire

Lulled to sleep

Inside the cool black velvety jacket of night

Pierced with the light

That runs through splendid cities  


Teeming like sands

That by starlight

Lie in wait of black devils and wolves

Contained in the vast ether of evening shadows

    Who dreams with dust of fine gold in her hair

With a cloak of ignorance

She grins at the sky

And the wolves howl back

On the delighted earth

    Where the stars are sleeping

His brow terrible and sweet

She melted into him

On the calm black water

In the deep ocean

   Under her white skin

She trembles at the tones of an eternal voice

Of the murmuring waters

But with endless inferno

Came the snow

    She no longer felt like herself

Entranced in antique lives

And low hanging sun-speckled hopes

Trembled to feel backwards into sleep

She hung there

Looking down into the abyss 


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Dec 31, 2013

flirtmaster said: Hey, could you please check out my blog? Happy Holidays! xo

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Dec 27, 2013
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